How To Activate Airtel PayU - Pay As You Go

Would you like to browse on Airtel using your credit or airtime?...Airtel PayU is a service that is designed for just that. 

Airtel is one of the major mobile service operators in Nigeria with lots of affordable data plans to choose from. Normally, when you exhaust your data plan on Airtel, browsing automatically stops. You won't be able to use the internet again Even though you have tons of  credit on your line, until you purchase a new data plan. 

But what if you want to browse directly from your airtime or "money". Well, this is absolutely possible with Airtel PayU service.

On Airtel PayU or Pay As You Go, you are charged for every kilobyte of data consumed from your Airtime on a pay as you go bases. This means you get billed from your airtime for using the internet.

One of the advantages of using Airtel Pay as you go is the elimination of a validity period for using the internet. 

Unlike subscribing to a data plan. Pay as you go can also come in handy in emergency situations where you do not have enough credit to buy a data plan but would still need to use the internet. 

Since you only pay for what you use, there is no designated time for which you have to use the internet.

A sure disadvantage of Pay as you go is the high cost of browsing. When using Payu you are charged at a rate of N3/MB. This can cost you money on the long run. But can be useful in some circumstances. keep in mind that this service can be deactivated at any time.

Airtel PayU (Free Surf) Activation Code

This service is sometimes known as Airtel Free surf 160 MB. To Activate Airtel PayU or free Surf and start browsing with your credit simply dial the code *400#. After dialing this code, you will receive reply that says "Welcome to Airtel PayU". 

At this point, your airtime will be deducted while browsing. 

An alternative will be to subscribe to any existing Airtel data plan. After selecting a plan you will be asked what you want to happen when you exhaust your data.

There are usually two options there. "Stop my data" and "Browse from my airtime at PayU rate".

you then press 2 to select "Browse from my airtime..."


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