How To Deactivate Airtel Pay As You Go ( PAYU)

Are you looking for how to stop airtel from deducting your money when you are browsing? are you sick and tired of having your airtime wiped out by airtel for the so-called pay as you go service?


Don't get me wrong, airtel PAYU / PayG can be useful sometimes but can cost you money. Or should I say airtime when you do not know how to opt-out from it?

Normally, mobile network providers will not touch your airtime when browsing even though you have exhausted your data plan. But the airtel pay as you go or PAYU will usually start deducting your money the moment you exhaust your data plan.

As you know, browsing with airtime can be expensive at N3/MB, and with the way mobile devices these days use data, you can wipe your entire airtime on your mobile phone on PAYU without even realizing it.

How To Stop Airtel Pay As You Go

There are actually two ways you can achieve this, the first is by using a USSD code

Airtel Pay as you go or PayU can be stopped or deactivated by dialing the code *400*1#. After dialing this code, you will receive a response from airtel that reads  
You have successfully unsubscribed from Airtel free surf offer.

The second method involves subscribing to an existing data plan. I went through the trouble of contacting Airtel customer care on Facebook and I was told the same thing.

Airtel PayU Deactivation

So basically, after subscribing , you will be asked what should happen when you exhaust your data. There is usually two options there.
"Stop my data" and "Browse from my Airtime at PAYU rate".
just press 1 to select (stop my data)

Any of these two methods will successfully deactivate PAYU on your Airtel number. if you have any more question you can leave them on the comment


  1. How do I stop browsing from my airtime

  2. I have tried it did not work

  3. tries to opt out of payu by dialing the code but still deducting from my airtime balance

  4. I really appreciate this article... It helped me to stop the bad experience I went through... Thanks a lot...

  5. Thanks that was really helpful

  6. I've dialed *400*1# yet my airtime is still being deducted

  7. I tried both and they deliberately failed my efforts.
    After usung the Code, i Got a message saying "you are already opted out of payu"; but the deductions continue.
    Moved to the other option and brought N1000 monthly data, went through the stages to where i selected "stop my data" only to be to "invalid MMI"! Meanwhile they sold the data to me and deducted the N1000.
    These People are ripping us off in Nigeria, and i think We should Start taking them to law courts.


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