Airtel 250MB for N50 | 75MB for N20 |1.5GB for N300 | 5GB for N1000

Airtel Nigeria has introduced a bunch of cheap data plans. This plan is coming just few days before the Nigerian independence day celebration. Because of the timing, there have been concern that the plan is some kind of a promo meant for the independence day celebration. Hence would only run for a short period of time. Although this have not been confirmed by airtel but from the look of things it seems this new plan would run for a long time. 


MTN also have something similar but it seems Airtel is taking things to a whole new level. Here is a list of the newly introduced Airtel data plan.

  1. 75MB For N20
  2. 250MB for N50
  3. 1.5GB for N300
  4. 5GB for N1000

How To Subscribe

To Subscribe or activate this new Airtel data plan is pretty easy. Just like It's MTN equivalent, customers need to be eligible to activate the plan. Here are the codes for activation:

  • To Subscribe to Airtel 75MB for N20 dial *141*242*1# valid for 7 days
  • To Subscribe to Airtel 250MB for N50 dial *141*242*2#, valid for 14 days.
  • To Subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for N300 dial *141*242*3# valid for 7 days.
  • To subscribe to Airtel 5GB for N1000 dial *141*242*4#, valid for 14 days.

After dialing any of this codes, you will be shown the volume of data you are about to purchase , the amount of airtime that will be deducted, and the validity period.

You will also be asked to select what you want to happen when you exhaust your data. Select the appropriate option by dialing the corresponding number and you are good to go.


How To Be Eligible

like I said earlier, this plan is based on eligibility , hence will not work for every customer. But it seems the plan works well on new Airtel SIM.

To know if you are eligible, just purchase any of the existing plan and see what reply you will get. Of course if the plan is successfully it means you are eligible. Otherwise you are not.


For example, to know if you are eligible for the Airtel 250MB for N50 just dial *141*242# and select 2. If you get a reply that reads "Dear customer, You are not allowed to access this service." then it means your are not eligible for the plan.


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