How To Fix Glo Data Not Turning ON

Have your Glo mobile data refused to turn on? in this article, I explain what the problem actually is and what you can do to fix it.

Glo data not displaying usually happens when you have no active data plan on your line. The reason behind this was intentional on the part of Glo. There was a time when browsing free with your Glo line was a thing. Because it usually happens when users have no active data on their SIM. Glo had to come up with this thing where they automatically switch off your mobile data and stop it from displaying when you have no active data plan.

How To Fix Glo Data Not Turning ON

So how do we actually fix the data network not turning on issue. There are two solutions to this  which I have shared below.

Since we know that the reason behind this is as a result of having no active data on your SIM, you could try subscribing to a data plan to solve the issue. You  data network will automatically turn ON if you have an active data plan.  To subscribe to an existing data plan on Glo, simply dial *777# and select a plan of your choice.

If you don't want to subscribe to a data like I shared above, you can also move to Glo PayU to solve the problem. 

What PayU does is to let you browse with your Airtime which can be quite expensive, but the Good  news is that apart from moving you to payU, it also solves the problem. To subscribe to Glo PayU simply send the word "PayU" as a text message to "127" and you will receive a reply informing you that you are now on Glo PayU. You can now turn on your mobile data.

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