How To Browse With Your Airtime On MTN - Pay As You Go (PayG))

While surfing the web, your data might get exhausted. And to continue using the internet, you'd have to subscribe to a data plan.

But subscribing to a data plan right away is not always possible. In situations where your data get exhausted but you still have some airtime available, You could still browse with your credit. The service that lets you do this is known as MTN pay as you go.

What Is MTN Pay As You Go (PAYG)

MTN pay as you go also called PayG is a service that lets MTN subscribers browse with their airtime without needing to subscribe to a data plan.

This means you will be browsing with your "money" and you get billed on a pay as you go bases. 

The rate for browsing with your credit on MTN is N3/MB. This means that for every MB that you use, you get billed N3. 

A sure advantage of this service is the nonexistence of a validity period.

How To Activate MTN Pay As You Go (PAYG)

To opt-in to MTN Pay As You go or PayG and start browsing with your money or airtime, simply dial the code *131*200#. 

After dialing this code you should receive a response from MTN informing you that your action was successful. Now simply turn on your data and start browsing from your Airtime

How To Stop Browsing From Your Airtime on MTN

Like I said earlier, using MTN Pay as you go can be expensive especially when downloading. So naturally, most people would want to know how to opt-out.

To stop browsing from your Airtime on MTN simply dial the USSD code *131*201#. After dialing this code, MTN pay as you go will be deactivated. 

An alternative would be to send the word SUSPEND to 131.

If you then subscribe to a data plan , and it gets exhausted, you will no longer be able to browse from your Airtime.

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