MTN 1GB For N200 and Eligibility

MTN has lots of data plans for its customers to choose from, but the cheapest of them all in terms of getting value for money is the MTN 1GB for N200 7 days plan. 

This plan is a special data plan. This means it has its eligibility requirements, and can not be found on the normal MTN data plan list when you dial *131#. But needs a special MTN code to be activated.

In this post, I will give you the code to get MTN 1GB for N200 and how you can be eligible.

MTN 1GB For N200

How To Get 1GB For MTN N200

To subscribe or activate the MTN 1GB for N200 is pretty straight forward, just dial the code *131*65# and select 1GB for N200. Or you can also dial the code *121# and select data4me. This plan is valid for 7 days.

If you dial any of the codes above, you will notice that they both have a different menu with other data plans you could also subscribe to. This is because both codes are actually from two different MTN offers, which I would explain later on in this article. But what is common between both of them is the MTN N200 plan.

The code *131*65# is the MTN welcome back offer while the code *121# is for the MTN my offer. 

A small number of subscribers might not be eligible for one or both offers.

How To Be Eligible For MTN 1GB For N200

Since these plans are special data plans on the MTN welcome back offer and the MTN my offer, subscribers will have to be eligible to one or both offers to be able to subscribe to the MTN N200 for 1GB.

MTN Welcome back offer

The MTN welcome back offer is an offer for returning customers. Those who have not used their SIM to perform any transaction for the last 30 days. The welcome back offer also includes the MTN N200 plan. So if you are eligible for the MTN welcome offer, it means you will also be eligible for the 1GB for N200.To learn more about the MTN welcome back offer click here.

MTN My Offer (Data 4 Me)

The MTN data offer is a special data plan for eligible MTN customers. The eligibility requirements depend on how often you recharge your SIM and subscribe to a data plan. If you are lucky, you will be eligible for the 1GB for N200. Other offers available on this service are the MTN N300 for 1.5GB, 200MB for N50, and 4GB for N1000.


The MTN N200 for 1GB is one of the best data plan available on the network. It is a special data plan designed for eligible MTN customers. To subscribe, dial *131*65#, or you can also dial *121# and select "data4me". This plan is valid for 7 days.

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