How To Apply For Tax Identification Number - TIN For Businesses And Individuals

Tax is one of the major ways states generate revenue. All legal entities and Taxable individuals are required to register for TIN and pay their tax.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service - FIRS and the Internal Revenue Service - IRS are two government agencies responsible for issuing of TIN and handling of tax-related matters in Nigeria.


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What Is Tax Identification Number - TIN

TIN stands for Tax identification number, it is a unique number assigned to taxable individuals and businesses and is used as a tracking number by the FIRS and state-owned IRS to pay taxes.

All businesses operating legally in Nigeria should have a TIN number, including taxable individuals as tax payment is mandatory and is one of the civic duties in the country.

Uses of Tax Identification Number - TIN

Although registering for TIN is compulsory for all businesses, the tax identification number is also needed for other purposes. They include the following:

  • Access to some government loans
  • Opening a corporate bank account.
  • Application for import and export trade licenses
  • Application for certificate of occupancy.
  • Registration for motor vehicles

How To Apply For Tax Identification Number - TIN

Like I said earlier, the Federal Inland Revenue Service - FIRS, and the state Internal Revenue Service - IRS are two Government agencies responsible for issuing TIN in Nigeria. To get your TIN, you will have to pass through these agencies.

The requirements for obtaining TIN for Businesses are quite different from that of obtaining TIN for Individuals.

TIN For Businesses

Since July 2020, the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) began automatically issuing Tax Identification Number (TIN) to all registered limited liability companies.

So all limited liability companies newly registered with the CAC will have their TIN sent to them via email or text message within two weeks after registration.

Issuance of TIN by the Coporate Affairs Commission - CAC does not cover other business registration such as business name. Hence these businesses will still have to register or apply for their Tax Identification Number (TIN) separately.

Requirements And Documents Needed To Apply For TIN As A Business

To apply for your Tax Identification Number - TIN as a business in Nigeria, you will need to walk into any Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) office with the following documents.

  1. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  2. Email Address of company or principle officer
  3. A copy of Business Registration or Certificate of Incorporation: CAC2, CAC7
  4. Telephone number

You can find a list of FIRS office locations here.

You are expected to come with two photocopies of each document and their original. The originals are required for sighting only. One copy of each document will be left with the FIRS while the other will be stamped by a FIRS official as evidence that you have made an application.

Note: TIN registration is free of charge.

If your business is a registered business name and not an Incorporated company, then to get the TIN number you will need to first apply for VAT.

The VAT you are provided with will be your TIN registration number.

TIN For Individuals

Individuals who wish to get their TIN should visit their State Internal Revenue Service - IRS. For example, those in Lagos should visit the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service -  LIRS while those in Rivers State should visit the Rivers State Internal Revenue Service - RIRS.

At the IRS office, you would be provided with an application form where your data and biometrics would be captured. Some data and documents that would be required include government-approved ID card, address, phone number, etc.

How To verify your Tax Identification Number TIN

To verify your Tax Identification Number (TIN),

  • Visit to get to the FIRS online TIN Verification system
  • On the search criteria, select Tax Identification Number - TIN
  • For the search value input the TIN you want to verify.
  • Enter the captcha image and then click on search.

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