(Watch)"You Just Saved Money for Your Husband, God Bless You" – Bride Hailed for Cooking and Doing Her Own Makeup on Wedding Day


In a remarkable display of self-reliance and resourcefulness, a Nigerian bride has captured the admiration of social media users after a video of her cooking and doing her own makeup on her wedding day went viral. The bride, known on TikTok as Kaleen_1, shared her unique wedding preparations, showcasing her impressive multitasking abilities.

Kaleen_1 took to TikTok to document the various aspects of her wedding day, revealing that she personally handled many of the critical tasks. In one segment of the video, she is seen cooking a large pot of rice, preparing to cater for the guests attending her wedding. The bride’s culinary efforts were not the only highlight; she also showcased her makeup skills, applying her own bridal makeup with precision and flair.

The video, accompanied by the caption, “First bride to cater for her wedding and still do her own makeup,” quickly garnered widespread attention and praise. Social media users lauded her efforts, with many commending her for saving money and showing such dedication on her special day.

One commenter said, "You just saved money for your husband, God bless you." This sentiment was echoed by many others who admired her hard work and self-sufficiency.

The story gained further traction when veteran actor Kenneth Chinwetalu weighed in, adding his voice to the chorus of admiration for the bride’s efforts. However, he also used the opportunity to criticize the Omega Power Ministries (OPM) pastor for unrelated reasons, drawing a contrast between the bride’s genuine display of hard work and what he perceives as the pastor’s lack of integrity.

Kaleen_1’s video serves as an inspiring example of how personal dedication and effort can make a significant impact, even on one’s wedding day. Her story has resonated with many, highlighting the beauty of self-reliance and the value of hard work.

watch video below

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