Even if u be president, you must wash the plates” – Video As Regina Daniels’ Mum Makes Her Wash Plates As She Visits Home (Watch)

In a charming twist on family dynamics, renowned Nollywood actress Regina Daniels recently found herself engaging in domestic chores under the watchful eye of her mother, Rita Daniels. Despite her high-profile status as the wife of billionaire businessman and politician Ned Nwoko, Regina was reminded of her roots during a visit to her mother's home.

An Instagram video captures the unexpected moment when Regina, dressed in casual clothes, diligently washes a mountain of dishes that had accumulated from serving her entourage. The sight of the glamorous actress handling everyday household tasks quickly went viral, captivating audiences online.

Regina expressed her surprise and amusement at being assigned the chore, noting that she couldn’t remember the last time she had washed dishes. Meanwhile, her mother, Rita, could be heard teasing her about her dishwashing skills, emphasizing that no matter how famous one becomes, some responsibilities remain unchanged.

The lighthearted interaction between Regina and her mother highlighted their close-knit relationship. Rita Daniels humorously reminded her daughter that humility and hard work are essential values, regardless of celebrity status.

In a playful caption accompanying the video, Regina pondered whether her mother had forgotten about her celebrity status, adding a humorous touch to the post. This contrast between her public persona and the realities of family life resonated with many viewers.

The video quickly drew attention on social media, with fans praising Regina's down-to-earth attitude and applauding her mother for instilling important life lessons. Comments flooded in, commending the authenticity and relatability of the moment.

As Regina Daniels continues to navigate her career in the spotlight, this heartwarming episode serves as a reminder of the grounding influence of family. The video of Regina washing dishes, under her mother’s supervision, offers a charming glimpse into the enduring bond between mother and daughter and the values that keep them connected.

Watch the delightful video below to see Regina Daniels embracing the simple joys of family life under her mother's guidance.

watch video below

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