Pastor who claimed Mr. Ibu died because he didn’t serve God, reacts to backlash

Pastor Fortune Makarios has stirred controversy with his recent remarks linking the death of Nollywood actor Mr Ibu to a lack of service to God. In a now-deleted post, Pastor Makarios compared Mr Ibu's passing at 62 to the vibrant health of Pastor E.A. Adeboye, who celebrated his 82nd birthday on the same day, insinuating that Mr Ibu's death was a consequence of not serving God.

Mr. Ibu

The pastor's statement, shared on social media, sparked outrage among users who found the comparison insensitive. Many criticized Pastor Makarios for making such assertions so soon after Mr Ibu's death.

Pastor Fortune Makarios tweet

In response to the backlash, Pastor Makarios doubled down on his stance in a subsequent post, stating, "IF YOU THINK GOD Called ME TO PLEASE you. YOU ARE JOKING... THOSE WHO GENUINELY SERVE GOD WITH THEIR LIFE LIKE PAPA ADEBOYE CANNOT DIE UNTIMELY."

The pastor's comments have reignited debates about the role of faith in determining one's fate and have prompted discussions about the appropriateness of making such statements in the wake of a tragedy.

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