Pastor distributes bags of rice and yams to members

Pastor Usman Samson, the resident pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Uyo, recently demonstrated his compassion by distributing bags of rice and yams to church members in need.

Images posted on the church's official social media page show an array of food items neatly displayed in front of the altar, ready for distribution.

According to a report by Niger Delta Insider, this act of kindness took place after the Sunday service on March 3, bringing comfort and relief to many in the community.

This gesture of generosity is part of a larger effort by Pastor Usman Samson to support those in need. In a previous Sunday service, he also extended his kindness to students, ensuring that a broader segment of the community could benefit from his charitable deeds.

The photos shared online capture the touching moment as church members receive the food items with smiles, expressing their gratitude for the pastor's compassion and care.

Netizens Reactions…

Christain White Chukwuocha said; “This is how the Church should be doing on a norms. “I wish to support this kind of pastor. “They’re rare in the society.”

LordAmos Dan said; “Men must mount there sharp sharp next Sunday.. hope say him go share again like this…”

Hayford Fiberesima Vincent said; “This is a step towards the right direction. “The People needs the church now than Government. “God bless us all.”

Rogers Ongolo said; “This is the time churches should give back to the society especially their suffering members.”

Kate Solomon fem said; “Amazing Daddy, May God continue to bless you abundantly in Jesus Name Amen.”

Gibson Comfort said; “This is awesome….. I love my church God bless you mightily, Sir.” “God is faithful.”

Ima King said; “God bless you sir! Thank you for the show of love for God’s people.”

Ity Akan said; “God knew the land of Akwa Ibom State needed our loving father,He sent him to us,just look at this huge sacrifice in this trying times,daddy may your family and unborn generation never lack what to eat in this life till Christ comes, thank you very much for this act of humanity, we love you.” 

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