How To Sell On Jumia | Register As A Vendor

From SMEs to large enterprises. More and more businesses are now selling their products on Jumia. And for good reasons.

Jumia claims to have over 225,000 potential customers every month, with over 30 million monthly visitors. For any business regardless of size, those are impressive statistics.

Jumia is one of the first channels consumers in Africa turn to when they want to purchase a product online. This shows that they are by no doubt one of Africans largest e-commerce platforms.


Jumia is to Africa what Amazon is to the United States. And what Alibaba is to China.

In this guide, we will look at how you can start selling on Jumia. what are the requirements to register as a vendor, how to find products in high demand to sell. Let us first take a look at what it means to be a vendor on jumia.

Who Is A Jumia Vendor

A vendor is someone or a company that offers something for sale. And Jumia is an e-commerce platform where you get to buy and sell online. So basically, a Jumia vendor is a person or company that sells on Jumia

Requirements To Start Selling On Jumia

Before we jump into how to start selling on Jumia, let us look at some of the requirements that are necessary to start selling on the e-commerce platform.
To start selling on Jumia, you will need the following.


  • A mail address
  • phone number
  • Details of your company(e.g business addresses, phone number, business name etc). you can also sell as an individual if you don’t own a company.
  • Bank Account details

How To Start Selling On Jumia

Now that we know what we need to become a seller on Jumia, let us now look at how we can sign up as a vendor on the platform.

This section will go over everything you need to know to become a vendor on the platform. Becoming a seller on jumia involves three simple steps.

Register as a vendor on

The first step to start selling on Jumia is to register as a seller on Jumia sellers center with your computer.


During registration, you’ll be required to fill in the registration form with the right information. There are three forms that you have to fill.

The first form requires your sellers account information.
Which includes your shopping name, account manager name, account manager phone number, email address, etc.

After you have completed the first form, check the “I have read and accept the e-contract jumia Nigeria” and click on continue.

Next, you would have to provide your business information
and Lastly, you’ll be required to provide your accounts details.

Complete The Training session for new sellers

After your registration as a seller is complete, you will need to go through the sellers training session which is a must for new sellers before they start selling on Jumia.

List products and start selling

Sellers that have completed the training session can start selling immediately on Jumia. You get to add new products using the Jumia sellers center.


Jumia requires that you list a minimum of five products before you can start selling on the platform.

What Is Jumia Sellers Center

Jumia sellers Center is a portal for vendors on Jumia. This portal is what allows sellers on Jumia to log into their Jumia store and manage their products on the platform.if you are a vendor on Jumia, then you would have already signed up on this center during your registration.

To log in to your jumia store, just visit the Jumia sellers center at and log in with your email and password.

It is from the seller center that you get to add new products, update your listing, track your orders, monitor the performers of your store, etc.

How To Upload Products On Jumia

After registering as a seller on Jumia, you need to upload at least five products to start selling on the platform.

If your products already exist on Jumia, you can easily add the products to your store by searching for them on the Jumia website.

After you find the products you want to sell, click on ““Have one to sell, sell yours here” on the extreme right on the screen.

If your products do not exist, you can add them manually. There are several ways you can add new products on jumia. they include

  • 1 by 1: Adding each product one after the other
  • “Sell yours” feature
  • Massive creation with bulk templates
  • Jumia team can also help you upload your products.

While adding new products, you will need to provide the following details for the products.


  • EAN or UPC.
  • Name of the product.
  • A detailed description of the product and specifications.
  • High-quality pictures of the product.
  • Price.
  • Available Stock.

Each product you upload will undergo a review by the Jumia team. And if they are approved, they will show up live on the Jumia website.

Some of these guidelines that your product must meet include the following as shown in the image below.

How to select the right products to sell on Jumia

Now that you know how to list your product on Know Jumia, naturally, you will want to know what product to sell.

Since the purpose of selling on the platform is to make profits, you will want to make sure you pick a product in high demand if you want to make any sales.

So how do you know what products sell most on Jumia?

It’s quite simple. All you have to do is to go to and visit any category that you wish to know the best selling products in that category then filter by popularity. 

For example, if you want to know what products sell most( are in high demand) in a category like say “Home and Kitchen”.

Just click on that category and filter the products by popularity as can be seen in the photo below.

Each product is usually listed in order of popularity. This means that the first product is usually the most sold followed by the second and so on.

Now the most popular doesn’t mean it’s the right products to sell. Popular products will usually mean more competitors selling the same product.

So what you want is a balance between what people are looking for and at the same time a product that is not too competitive. If you want to make any sales.

Customers will usually compare prices on the same products from different sellers. So making sure your prices are competitive will also give you an edge over other sellers.

Is Selling On Jumia free


Selling on Jumia is free but there is a Commission for each product you sell on the platform.

You only get to pay this commission When you make sales. The commission percentage Jumia takes from each product can range between 5% – 15%. The amount for this commission will depend on the item sold and the shipping method that was chosen by the customer.

Is selling on Jumia profitable

like any other business, selling on Jumia will involve some expenses and groundwork on the sellers part.

Like picking the right kind of products to sell, having a good product description, good images, checking on your competitors etc. 

Selling on Jumia is as important in the online world as they are in the real world.

Generally, selling on Jumia is profitable if you have the right kind of products and ate armed with the right kind of information.

How long Does Jumia Take To Pay Sellers


Jumia pays its sellers through bank transfers.
For items set to be delivered within seven days, Sellers can expect to receive their payment weekly. While new Sellers and “Not eligible” vendors will receive their payment within 15 days. Gold Tier vendors will receive their payments daily.

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