MTN Beep - You Can Now Flash A Number Without Airtime

Have you ever wanted to call a loved one but realized that your airtime is so low that you cannot even flash their number?

That wouldn't be the case anymore as MTN Nigeria just introduced a service that lets customers flash a number without airtime. 

And am not just talking about on-net calls. Even numbers on other networks can be flashed using this service.


What Is MTN Beep

MTN Beep is a service that lets MTN customers flash a number even without airtime or credit on their line. 

With MTN Beep, You will now be able to reach out to friends and family at any time via flash even when you have zero airtime on your line.

How To Use MTN Beep

All MTN customers automatically become eligible to use MTN Beep the moment they run out of airtime.

So if you run out of airtime, all you need do is to dial the number you wish to call(without airtime) and it will appear as a missed call on the called number.

You will also receive a text message that reads " You have successfully dropped a flash call on 23480xxxxxxxx @hh:mm". confirming that a beep call has been dropped.

You can flash both on-net and off-net calls. This means both MTN numbers and numbers on other networks can be flashed with this service.

How To Stop MTN Beep

MTN Beep does not require any activation code because it is automatically enabled on all MTN number when a customer is low on airtime. Hence, the only way to stop or cancel the service is to top up your sim with airtime. Recharging your SIM will automatically deactivate the service.


What Else Do Need To Know

An MTN customer can only make a maximum of 20 beep calls per day.


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