Regina Daniels Our Circle Documentary

Regina Daniels has released the first episode of a series "Our Circle". Our Circle is a documentary that looks into the life of Regina Daniels and her marriage with billionaire Ned Nwoko. Their business, pregnancy, and childbirth. The first episode was released on 30 June 2020.

The documentary starts with Regina Daniels talking about how she first knew she was pregnant. According to her, Ned said to her " I can smell a pregnant woman around here".

I asked him how does he know when a woman is pregnant. To which Ned replied "I know. I am used to it." she said.

Her husband Ned Nwoko that also featured in the documentary said he was so excited when he saw that Regina Daniels was pregnant with his baby.

She never believed me. She continued to ask me how I knew she was pregnant. I told her "I could sense these things". She still did not believe me until it was confirmed at the hospital. Ned said.

According to Regina, she could not describe the feeling she got when she found out she was pregnant.

"I visited 4 different hospitals and purchased 20 pregnant test strip just to confirm that I was pregnant". I just cannot explain the feeling she said.

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