How To Subscribe To MTN Night Plan

The MTN night plan is a subscription data plan that allows customers to browse at night usually between 11 PM - 6 AM at a super cheap rate.

There are a few reasons why you would want to browse at night. First of all, it's way cheaper when compared to other MTN data bundles. and second, since there wouldn't be a lot of people or businesses using the internet by this time, you get to enjoy super-fast internet than usual.

To be eligible to subscribe to this plan, you have to be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. Pulse is the only tariff plan that lets you subscribe to the Night plan. If you are not on MTN Pulse, you can find the code to migrate to pulse here.


Code To Subscribe To MTN Night Plan

The MTN night data bundle or Nightlife has two plans. The first cost N25 and will give you 250MB. The second cost N50 and will give you 500MB.

To subscribe, simply dial the USSD code *406*4#. You can then press 1 to select N25 for 250MB or press 2 to select the N50 for 500MB.

The Night plans is valid for a day and can only be used at night, between 11 AM - 6 AM. This means you can subscribe at any time of the day but the data only becomes active at night. Also, the night plan do not auto-renew itself, so you don't have to worry about that. Unused data also do not rollover. So if you fail to use your data during the period the plan is active, the data will automatically exhaust itself.

How Many Times Can I Subscribe To MTN Night Plan

A common question I get a lot is how many times the plan can be subscribed to, and whether it can be deactivated after subscribing.

Well, the MTN Nightlife bundle used to have a cumulative data limit of 500MB but it has  recently been increased to 2GB. This means that you can subscribe to the bundle as many times as you like but the total data volume cannot exceed 2GB. So you can subscribe 4 times for the N50 for 500MB or 8 times for the N25 for 250MB.

 How To Deactivate MTN Night Plan

The MTN Night plan does not auto-renew itself so there is  no code to deactivate, cancel, or unsubscribe from it. 

The plan automatically Deactivate when your data volume or validity period gets exhausted. If you subscribe to the plan and then later changed your mind and want your money back then you will have to contact an MTN customer care representative to help you with that.

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