How To Transfer Data On MTN - Gifting

For a long time, subscribers have been requesting that MTN allow them to share data from one number to another.

Formerly, this feature was only available on the MTN SME data plan. But MTN finally obliges by introducing Data Gifting.

What Is MTN Data Gifting

It is a service that allows you to share data from your active data plan to another MTN number. The service also allows you to buy data for a friend and request data from other subscribers.

MTN Data Transfer

This is a feature of MTN Data Gifting that allows you to send data from one number to Another. By just dialing a simple USSD code you can share your data between MTN to MTN numbers.

How To Transfer Data on MTN

Sharing data have never been easier. To transfer data on MTN, simply dial the code *131*RecipientPhoneNumber*DataAmount# then press send.

For example, if I want to transfer 50MB to the number 08012345678. I'd dial *131*08012345678*50#.

An alternative will be to dial *131*7# and then press 1 to select "Transfer from Data balance". This will open a window that will let you input the recipient number and the volume of data you wish to send.

After dialing this code, you will immediately receive a message from MTN informing you that your data transfer was successful. The recipient will also receive a message informing them about the data you just shared for them.

What Else Should I know:

  • The Maximum amount of Data you can share per day is 100MB
  • Your data and that of the recipient you transferred will have the same validity period

How To Transfer More Than 100MB

If you have been using MTN Data share, then you will know that the Maximum amount of data you can share per day is 100MB. Thus, if you meet this limit, you will have to wait until the next day before you can transfer data again.

I get lots of questions about how to share more than 100MB on MTN. So I decided to contact an MTN customer care representative with the question. I was told that MTN does not currently allow their customer to transfer more than 100MB.

How To Transfer Data From MTN To Other Networks

Sending data from MTN to Airtel, MTN to Glo, or MTN to 9mobile (formerly Etisalat) is not possible at the moment. These networks are competitors. Hence, they do not allow the sharing of data between them.

Buy Data For A Friend

This feature allows you to directly buy data for a friend with your own credit. It is not the same thing as data transfer because your data will not be touched.

The recipient (friend), will receive the data while you will pay for it. This service is great if you want to send data as a gift to a friend.

How To Buy Data For A Friend on MTN

To buy data for a Friend, 
  • Dial the USSD code *131*7#.
  • Press 2 to select "Buy for a friend"
  • Select the data paln wish to buy
  • Enter the recipient MTN number

Request for Data From a Friend

If you are low on data and you know someone who can buy data for you, then this feature can be useful.

It lets you ask for data from another MTN Subscriber. The person you request data from will receive a message informing them of your request. They can then choose to buy for you.

How To Request For Data From A friend

To request for MTN Data from a friend, simply dial
*131*7# then press 3 to select "request from a friend".

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