Location Of Big Brother Naija House

The Big Brother Naija show, commonly known as BBnaija, is Nigerian most watch reality TV show. Contestants of the show get to live in an isolated house where they compete with each other to win a cash prize.

A common question that viewers of the TV show have often asked is where the BBnaija house is located.

When the season 1 of the Big Brother Naija reality show was launched on 5 March, 2006. It was located in South African. The show ran for 3 months and ended on 4 June, 2006. Then it was known as “Big Brother Nigeria”.

After the end of the first edition of the reality show. The season 2 of the show began on 22 January 2017. This was 11 years since the first season ended.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd season of the reality show both had the BBnaija house located in South Africa. When the fourth season was to be held, viewers of the show were concerned about its location in South Africa.

This caused a lot of reactions and protest from fans who wanted the show to be hosted in Nigeria. Their reasons were simple. A show called “Big Brother Naija” should not be hosted in another country except in Nigeria.

This prompted the management of the show to look into its location. A place in Lagos, Nigeria was chosen, and this is where the fourth and subsequent seasons of the reality show have been held.

Where Is The Big Brother Naija House Located

The BBnaija house is located at Ilupeju town, Lagos, Nigeria. This location was only chosen after the third season of the show. The house used in the first, second, and third seasons were located in South Africa.

Since the Big Brother Naija house was moved from South Africa, it has always been improved. A source close to the organisers revealed that it cost N2.5 billion to complete.

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