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Abimbola says "Natural Talented Teacher (University of Lagos Graduate) More than twenty eight years post qualification experience who has been teaching his peers right from his secondary school days. In one of my Graduate Coaching Scheme National Directorate Of Employment (LAGOS), some groups of students were brought. They hate mathematics beyond measure. I was to teach them Probability theory that very day. When I started, I asked those of them who are male to stand up. They did. The number was recorded, likewise the female. I told them if I want to do selection among the class, the probability of choosing Female is total number of female in the class / total number of student in the class the same principle applied to male. All of them are able to understand what probability means. Later I proceeded into grouping the ladies about the type of dress they put on. I applied the same principles to male. I asked various questions which they were able to answer correctly. Dice, Apples likewise what they like were used to solve various problems. The theory of replacement and without replacement was taught the same day. Many people will have a perfect understanding of any subject if you approach the principles of using what they already know before you take them to unknown. When some delegates from Abuja came to witness they were well convinced about………. Most of them develop love for mathematics. Natural talented teacher has been teaching his peers right from his secondary school days since 1980. I do teach my peers those who have very difficulties in learning Mathematics. I come out with A1 at WAEC level 1984. I have involved in teaching those whose parents have written them off concerning academic field, but due to my teachings they are among the front burners. I have first degree from University Of Lagos in Computer Science 1989. I have been involved at Graduate Coaching Scheme at National Directorate of Employment Lagos for some years. I am well versed in computer programming, have Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Nigeria Foundation and Module B certificate. I have work in several organizations. I did my National Youths Service Corps with Nestle Foods Nigeria PLC, working experience in various top most Organizations etc These experiences in various organizations’ and the love for teaching have been of tremendous advantage. WhatsApp: 08064795335 To call Akin 07031998888 08051400850 How I can help Basic Mathematics More than twenty eight years’ experience My love of teaching comes from a lifelong love of learning. I know that hard work and dedication to learning can pay off. My experience as a natural talented teacher for more than twenty eight years has seen me help hundreds of students realize their potentials and get higher grades in exams. I specialize in tutoring Mathematics, English and Sciences for Primary and & JSS students, and have had successful experience preparing students for all forms of examinations. I also teach senior secondary Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics, and help out with computer sciences and handwriting improvement for early learners, and adults. I also teach programming languages. One of my goals for each session is to keep the student challenged, but not overwhelmed. I tailor my lessons to the students learning style, assign homework after every lesson, and provide periodic assessment and feedback both to the students and parent if applicable. I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you achieve success in your studies! WhatsApp: 08064795335 To call Akin 07031998888 08051400850"Details

Emerald says "what intelligent machines can learn from a school of fish, by radhika nagpal. click on the link to see full video https://www.ted.com/talks/radhika_nagpal_what_intelligent_machines_can_learn_from_a_school_of_fish #tedtalks"Details

Emerald says "future tech will give you the benefits of city life anywhere. https://www.ted.com/talks/julio_gil_future_tech_will_give_you_the_benefits_of_city_life_anywhere #tedtalks"Details

LONTOR CTL-EL089 @ $ 8

Emerald says "how graphene could cool smartphones, computers and other electronics. http://news.rutgers.edu/research-news/how-graphene-could-cool-smartphone-computer-and-other-electronics-chips/20170326#.wcjhu7kgpiu"Details

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samsung j5 prime @ $ 213

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samsung j3 @ $ 132

samsung j2 @ $ 132

samsung j1 mini prime @ $ 79

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