Wofai Fada weds partner traditionally, (Photos and Videos)

Popular actress and comedienne, Wofai Fada, has tied the knot with her partner, Taiwo, in a traditional wedding ceremony that took place recently. The event, held in Ugep, Cross River State, was a joyous occasion attended by friends and family.

Wofai Fada had previously announced her engagement to Taiwo on May 4th, sharing the happy news on her Instagram platform with photos and videos. She expressed her gratitude for love and revealed that she had found her happily ever after with Taiwo.

Photos from their traditional wedding have emerged online, showcasing the beautiful couple in traditional attire, surrounded by loved ones. However, reports have surfaced from Taiwo's family, indicating that they were unaware of his marriage or engagement to the actress.

Despite the family saga, netizens have shared their reactions to the news, with many offering congratulations to the couple and wishing them a blissful and happy life together. Some have also offered advice, emphasizing the importance of familial approval in a marriage.

Wofai Fada's traditional wedding has captured the attention of many, highlighting the complexities and challenges that can arise in relationships, even amidst moments of joy and celebration.


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