Nadia Buari Surprises Fans, Unveils Van Vicker as Father of Her Four Daughters

Nadia Buari, van vicker and their children

In a surprising revelation, Ghanaian actress  has unveiled fellow actor and filmmaker Van Vicker as the father of her four daughters. Buari took to Instagram to share a video where she proudly introduces Vicker as the father of her beautiful children.

Nadia Buari and her kids

In the video, Buari addresses her fans, saying, "A lot of you have been asking me to reveal the identity of the father of my kids. Today, I have a surprise for you. Yes, you guessed right. I want to reveal to you the man who gave me four adorable queens."


Vicker, visibly pleased with the revelation, responds in the video, saying, "Hello Everybody! I'm feeling myself."

The revelation has come as a surprise to many, as Buari was previously married to a Lebanese man whose name is not publicly known. Buari is well-known in the Ghanaian and Nollywood film industries, having starred in numerous movies and gained a large following for her acting prowess.

Nadia Buari and van vicker

Van Vicker, on the other hand, is a popular Ghanaian actor and filmmaker who has also garnered a large fan base for his roles in various movies. The revelation of their relationship has sparked excitement among fans, who have expressed their admiration for the couple and their beautiful family.

As Buari and Vicker continue to captivate audiences with their talent and charisma on screen, their off-screen relationship has added a new dimension to their public personas, solidifying their status as one of the most beloved couples in the entertainment industry.

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