Mr. Ibu's Final Moments: Heartfelt Message to Rudeboy Emerges


Mr. Ibu in hospital bed

A recently surfaced video on social media offers a glimpse into the final moments of beloved Nollywood actor John Okafor, fondly known as Mr. Ibu, before his passing on March 2nd, 2024

Mr ibu

The video depicts Mr. Ibu in his hospital bed, expressing heartfelt gratitude to singer Rudeboy of P-Square just hours before his passing. He reflects on the fleeting nature of life, acknowledging that everything happens in accordance with God's plan. "When the time comes, it has come," he states.

Rude boy of P-square (Paul Okoye)

Beyond philosophical musings, Mr. Ibu also conveys his deep appreciation for Rudeboy's unwavering support and care during his time of need. The video concludes with a touching message, where Mr. Ibu envisions a future reunion where they will share a meal together in heaven. watch the video below.

This emotional video offers a window into Mr. Ibu's final moments, showcasing his gratitude, faith, and enduring friendship with Rudeboy.

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