What You Should and Shouldn't do When Stock Trading

Do’s & Don’ts of Stock Market

  1. Do not rely on tips -Make your own research & then only Invest your Hard-Earned money in stock market.

2. Take advices from others about some stocks but first study the fundamentals of that stock & then decide about Investment.

3. In Initial Days Invest your money in small amounts periodically, like if you have Rs. 50,000=00 then Invest Rs. 10,000=00 every month

4. First study the market trend & Research about the stocks you want to invest in & choose 7 to 10 stocks for investment.

5. Invest in 4 to 5 stocks every month from your chosen 7 to 10 stocks

6. Do not put all your money in one go & do not put all your money in only 1 or 2 stocks

7. Do not Invest for short term

8. Always keep long term view (At least for 3 to 5 years)

9. Initially you are expected to take wrong decisions but that is your learning phase so don’t feel demotivated.

  1. Avoid day trading if you are a retail Investor.

11. Nobody becomes Rich immediately after Investing, Stock market is a patience game.

12. Always Invest in Blue chip & A group stocks

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