What You Need To Become Successful In Nigeria

Nigeria is an interesting place not only because it is the most populous black nation on earth but also because of the diversity of its people.

Nigeria has all it takes to be among the greatest countries in the world because despite the problems that pervade the country, it still offers a lot of opportunities for its citizens to become the best.

As a matter of fact, the perception is that if you can survive in Nigeria, you can pretty much survive in any part of the world because of the tenacity and forth rightness the country requires from its citizens.

There are a number of things required for survival and success for you to raise your head above millions of other Nigerians. Whether you’re a visitor or a core Nigerian, here are some of the most important things that can make you successful in Nigeria.

Long Leg

A lot of Nigerians know how advantageous it is to have long legs. It is basically an idiomatic expression relating to knowing the people that matters, that can make your journey to the top a smooth and short one. If you don’t know the main person, it is important you know someone that knows someone that knows another person, who knows the main person.
No matter how long your chain of connection is, provided it leads to the main man, your journey to the top will be short.


Just like everywhere in the world, money is an important tool to achieving success. There’s an adage that says “money is used to find money” and that aptly describes the road to success in Nigeria. While it is true that it is essential you have money to pursue your dreams, there’s also a need to acquire it first before spending. Having money will open doors that are firmly locked in Nigeria. If you however lack it or you’re not willing to spend the small you have, it will be a long and tortuous road to success for you.


You have to be sensible and smart if you intend to be a Nigerian success story. The country requires you to think on your feet and move with the tide. Nigerians, especially those that live in commercial cities can smell a conman from far away and they know how to avoid problems generally. Being successful requires you to have an active sixth sense or else, you’d learn the hard way in Nigeria.

Sharp Wit

Being sharp witted can be described as having ‘mouth’ in local parlance. A sharp wot will make you sell yourself and make people think twice about messing with you. It is also important you’re able to show people the stuff you’re made of and also blow your trumpet and let people know you’re aware of how the world works. A sharp wit is necessary because people will think twice of taking advantage of you and can help you sell yourself much more than you think of.

Have Several Options

It’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket. Try and have as much backup plan as possible because Nigeria is an unpredictable place. Having an alternative plan can help you stay on the track of success and stop you from getting stuck with only one option.


Determination is a very important attribute to possess if you ever intend to be successful. Nigeria is a country that has many ups and downs and you have to be determined to brace any obstacles you’re presented with head on if you quantity to succeed.

Good Skill Set

A good skill set in a particular field will come in handy if you want to achieve your dreams of being successful. Very few people will be willing to give you a job without knowing that you’re skillful at something. If you’re able to make your name synonymous with solving a particular problem, you’re definitely on the road to having the money and fame that defines success.

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