Tips For Choosing Salwar Suits For Different Indian Ceremonies

Weddings and festivals in India are a fun time for everyone from kids to adults.

Hence, when enjoying the savory meals, the music, and the mingling the sartorial choices must always be right for everyone in attendance and be at par with the occasion.

Therefore, as you aim to look your best in a salwar suit and feel comfortable in it as the wearer there are some hacks and tricks that you must learn.

Also, traditional outfits are the trend for Indian weddings. Therefore, every detail needs to be considered to get the best and latest salwar suit online for the function.

Below are different tips to consider while choosing salwar suits for various Indian ceremonies.

Haldi ceremony

When you choose a salwar suit for a Haldi ceremony. Consider the type of season that you are in to choose either a warm or breezy salwar suit for ultimate comfort.

The best fabric for this occasion are those that are easy to handle like silk, cotton, and satin.

Also, the colors that you choose need to be light ones that match the ceremony that resemble the Haldi or not too off-colors.

Yellow is a common pick among most people especially the bride. Nonetheless, others like white, orange and light pink are still ideal picks for your salwar suit.

Although outfits like yellow office wear Kurtis with pants are decent for such an occasion. The preferred ones are Patiala salwar suits, Punjabi salwar suits, and churidar suits as well. Have some work details around the borders for that statement look.

Reception salwar suits

Since wedding receptions are lavish ceremonies. The need to have your glam and shine on is necessary especially with a lavish salwar suit.

The bride and her guests during this occasion go all the way to choose their best attires with heavy details on them.

It is important to consider the theme as well and it may lead you to dress in a simple and elegant salwar suit.

The reception colors are never limiting for you can choose either dark or light colors with a little shine.

Choose the Anarkali suit it always wins on this occasion but you are not limited to it.

Optionally, a jacket style salwar suit is still a favorable option. Go for flowy materials, sheer, and silk or any other that you love better.

Sangeet salwar suits

The Sangeet is one ceremony you need to choose a dress that allows you to move with ease. No one wants to miss out on all that dancing. Therefore, a salwar suit that allows you to twirl with ease is the ideal choice.

Choosing embellished salwar suits in bright colors and funky styles that add to the happy mood are best for this occasion.

If it is an evening event sequins, metalwork or beautiful thread work are the best embellishments to shine on.

Select Anarkali salwar suits, dhoti style salwar suits and a Lehenga style salwar kameez some of which are common and you can pick different designs out of the norm.

The best fabrics that add the luster and glamour are plain lace, silks, georgettes, embroidered net, and sequined fabrics too.

Party salwar suits

Other than weddings and festivals there are parties and other special events that you can dress to salwar suits in.

Here is where you choose to adorn in unique designer patterns and cuts for your salwar’s. Away from any dominant styles that everyone is comfortable wearing other than moving with the trends and many designs in the current fashion times.

Choose the colors for party salwar suits depending on the time of the party and the current season to blend in well.

Designer work concepts for embroidery and embellishments will add the glam to your party suit. If you opt for a plain salwar suit get some work done on the neckline, hemline and a pattern for your dress that creates some drama.

Some example outfits are palazzo suits, pant style dresses, kurta suits should be among the first picks.

Mehendi salwar suits

The Mehendi ceremony requires a comforting salwar suit to carry out this ceremony with ease. Especially if it is a regular Mehendi alone event.

Moreover, in case it is combined with your Sangeet you can choose a salwar suit or two that you can adorn for both ceremonies.

As for the colors, darker colors are best at night and lighter ones during the day.

Sleeveless salwar suits are always a win for this ceremony and they never disappoint.

Alternatively, dhoti style, center-cut Anarkali and palazzo suits are also good options. Choose work details that do not irritate you by continuously poking on your skin to simple ones that are comfortable yet elegant.

Every festival is celebrated for various reasons. Therefore, salwar suits like the Navaratri festival should not be much of a challenge to choose from according to the theme.

This is a time to wear colorful salwar suits. However, ensure that they are not too colorful like a full print salwar suit with matching dupatta.

A good example is a white salwar suit with colored embroideries. To add some glittery sparkle at night some bead or mirror work will come in handy.

Cotton is the best fabric for the Navaratri festival but if you want a flowy look. Choose georgette and net fabrics. Straight cut salwar kameez, A-line salwar suits and flared Anarkali is the best salwar suits to choose for this festival.

Diwali salwar suits

During the festival of lights with all the fun and hype. Enjoy a zari weave salwar suit or gold through embroidery in rich fabrics like chanderi silk, plain georgette, and satin.

Choose any colors that you love from bright pink, green, orange, red among others.

Churidar suits, masakali dress, Anarkali and palazzo suits are some beautiful designs that you can choose.

Shop for this Diwali salwar suits in online stores and get them when they are on sale and still affordable.

Remember to wear something comfortable for a whole event.

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