How to channel stress into positive energy

Stress is all around us, from our workplaces to our homes and it has sadly become the number one killer for a lot of young people.

While stress appears to be unavoidable in this century, especially for people who live in urban and cosmopolitan areas, it is important for you to know that you can turn your stress into a positive force in your life.

Stress is some sort of evolutionary response that humans developed. It is a fight-or-flight response that our ancestors developed as a means for them to channel their strength, focus and energy in such a way that can help them survive the dangers of their time before the more advanced problems of today that we face from farms, cars and other forms of technology.

You can turn your stress into something that will make you physically and mentally stronger, make you more focused and creative, promote better relationships, and help make you more optimistic towards the way you view life.

Stress tends to drive us to challenge for new frontiers and heights that we hitherto won’t have done.

In a way, the gunman pride comes from being stressed and without it, there’s a chance that we won’t be able to achieve as much as we should.

As such, Stress should not entirely be seen as a bad thing, but should rather be seen as something that we can handle and channel the negative energy positively.

Change The Stress Effects

Alot of the time the way we think about stress tend to affect us more than the actual problem. The negative effects range from heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, mental diseases and digestive problems which can either singly or jointly send anyone to an early grave.

The problem, argues Luke, is how we think about stress. Almost all the negative effects are possible but the good news is that the bad stress outcomes are mostly true if you allow it get to you.

See Your Stress As A Challenge

Viewing your problems as a challenge than what it actually is can incredibly help you. Seeing it as a challenge can help your body think of it in a manner that it can fire up your social reward systems, allowing your problems become nothing more than a foundation on which you can build your pride and self-worth.

Determine whether you see your stress as a threat. Does your heartbeat increase so much that you want to run away when you’re stressed or do you Suddenly develop knots in your stomach?

Do you enjoy avoiding stressful situations in such a way that you want to avoid the cause of your problems at all costs?

In the alternative, do you view your problems as challenges and find things that will test your resolve or take you out of your comfort zone?

Are you fired up to learn new skills in an attempt to be a better version of yourself?

If your answer is yes, then you’re on the right track to using your stress for good.

If you’re able to change your mentality towards your issues, your problems can become a good sidekick or a short term power booster.

Don’t allow your problems to stick fast to you by identifying what your priorities are. You can then become a positive person moving towards their dreams and aspirations.

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