A Tourist Choice: Belgium Travels and Festivals

If festivals are the main theme of your travels, why not make Belgium your tourist destination of choice? Festivals have been part and parcel of the tourist culture of Belgium; Belgium is one of the few countries that have festivals celebrated for each month of the year.

Travelling Into Belgium

Officially known as Kingdom of Belgium, this federal monarchy is located in Western Europe between the cultural boundary of Germanic and Latin Europe. There are three major airports going into Europe; the Brussels Airport which is the main airport in Belgium; Brussels South Charleroi Airport located at about 50km south of Brussels; and Antwerp Airport.

You can travel around Belgium using hired cars or just simply taking the public transport. If you’re planning to take the train, there are direct train routes from Brussels going to various destinations like Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, just to name a few. Thus, Belgium is pretty much a branched out tourist destination; you can easily go to many places when travelling around Belgium by train.

However, the most fun way to travel around Belgium is through ferry rides. You can book for a ferry cruise going to and from Belgium. A ferry cruise is a fun and cheap way to travel around Belgium. Plus, it is one of the fastest modes of transportation especially if you’re planning to go to a popular seaside town destination.

Experiencing the Belgium Festivals

Belgium is one of the few countries that celebrate a festival every month; however, there are unique festivals that can only be experienced in Belgium. These are the months when you would want to seriously consider travelling into Belgium.

When everyone is seriously celebrating valentines, the Belgians have another reason to celebrate the month of February. This is the month when the Carnival de Binche is widely celebrated. The people in the town of Binche dedicate an eventful three whole days to celebrate this carnival. This carnival was recognized by UNESCO back in 2003 as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”.

The fun never stops at the end of February; it goes well into the month of March. The Stavelot is the mid-lent carnival celebrated during this month. People participating in the parade during this carnival are garb in white while the spectators shower them with confetti and flogging them with pig bladders. Another festival celebrated during this hot summer month is the Andennes Carnival, celebrated in commemoration of a 9-year old boy who killed a monstrous bear.

When the month of April dawns, the people celebrates the Cavalcade of Herve where spectators get to admire the colourful horse drawn carriages; this festival ends with a spectacular display of fireworks.

As the month of May ends, people celebrate the Procession of the Holy Blood. In commemoration of the Lenten Season, this festival takes place on Ascencion Day and participated by almost 100,000 people. This festival is also included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

One of the must see festivals in Belgium is the Beselare Witch Parade celebrated every month of July. This festival was inspired by the witches’ trial that took place in Brussels a very long time ago.

Indeed, Belgium is one country that could complete your travel experience.

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