5 Netherland National Parks to Visit

If it’s not your first visit to Netherland I recommend staying away from the top touristic places and go hiking. Puzzled by the famous Amsterdam parades, fine museums of Rotterdam and incredible architecture of The Hague nature stays at the end of the must-see list.

As for me, it was quite a shock to open Holland as an eco-travelling spot. But it is in fact one of the best in Europe.

It may be because Dutch are very intelligent or just because they realize that nature is everything we have. For what it’s worth the nature is pure, clean and wild as it should be.

Just as other great countries, Dutch best solution was to open national parks.

Altogether there are 20 of them and if you are interested I will talk about the most fascinating.

Schiermonnikoog National Park

First most visited and most popular national park in Holland is Schiermonnikoog, also known as the northernmost park in the country.

It presents a vast territory of untouched places on the several islands of the North Sea archipelago.

This place is perfect for those who like beaches but hate crowds. Here among the ever green forests you will find amazing animals that run near the wooden cabins tourists live in.

This calm and relaxing park is a great destination if you are traveling with kids, professional guides will keep them occupied and you will have some time for yourself.

If you want to travel solo there are many interesting hotels in Schiermonnikoog that will give you detailed maps of the island and even rent you a bike for car-free roads.

Drenche National Park

As Holland is known as a flat country it has numerous places inland. One of the most interesting is Drenche national park, especially if you come here in autumn. The land turns into a multicoloured carpet of 100 square km with fine gardens.

De Hoge Veluwe

The largest park in the country is De Hoge Veluwe, this park is known throughout Europe because most of its area was created during the Ice Age.

The park has sand dunes, woodlands and heathlands. De Hoge Veluwe is a part of Veluwe province with a total of 100 square km. It is also said that there are still some settlements living inside the park that makes it an interesting historical place.

De Biesbosch National Park

Those who like water places will definitely appreciate De Biesbosch National Park. The park hosts the few water zones in entire Europe presented in the river ways that go down from the mountains. It also has incredible wildlife and great hiking tours that can last couple of days.

De Maasduinen National Park

The last park I would like to mention is De Maasduinen National Park in the Limburg province, the park is interesting for its animal life as it has one of the many reptile representatives.

The park has a lot of neighbors; it meets German from the east and Belgium from the west so that you always have a place to go next.

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