Peter Obi Full 1 hour Speech on Platform 2016, Covenant Christian Centre

When I invited perter obi to speak on platform Nigeria, I had never met him before, we only met in person a few hours before his talk. But during this brief moment of our meeting, he touched the heart of everyone around, including me.

After such a presentation, it seems it is no longer business as usual for the political elite in Nigeria. One may wonder why accusation on the misuse of public fund is so important. As a Christian in this country, I'd like to look at it from the angle of the bible.

somewhere in the bible, Jesus once told a parable of a worker who was assigned to manage some of the resources of his master and was accused of misuse and wastage So the master asked his worker to make an account of all that he had done and relieved him of his duties.

The significance of this parable is clear, if anyone is known to misuse resources, then they lose the trust of the people to lead or govern.

One thing I have noticed as a Christian is this, God does not get involved in human activity unless the cry of a true believer is heard. revealing to us that in the time of trouble he will answer us.

When the people of israel were in slavery in Egypt. God never intervened even though they were his people. Up until a legitimate cry was heard from among the people The book of exodus 6: 5 - 6, clearly demonstrates this, it reads " And I have also heard the groaning of the children of israel whom the Egyptians keep in bondage..."

many other passages and stories in the bible have also confirmed this, God has always intervened on the side of his people when they were in the hands of bad rulers.

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