How To Set up a Facebook Shop

If you are thinking of starting an online store, then a Facebook shop will be a great way for you to start selling online. It can significantly increase sales if you already own an e-commerce website

Is A Facebook Shop Worth it?

For those businesses just starting out, Having a Facebook shop might be a quick and easy way to sell online.

You will be able to reach a wide range of customers, list products, and accept payment. All this without having to own and maintain a website.

If you already own an online store, then you can power your Facebook shop with your e-commerce website and have a feel of what it is like to have a Facebook shop powered by Facebook or one linked to your e-commerce store.

For those wondering why they should use Facebook at all. well, give it a second thought. Facebook has over 2 billion active users every single month on its platform. and all these users are potential customers so just having a slice of these potential customers can make a massive difference for your business.

Who Can Benefit From Owning A Facebook Shop

There are two kinds of businesses that can benefit from using a Facebook shop.

Small businesses especially those just starting out are the once that will most likely benefit from owning a shop on Facebook.

Traditionally, to start an online store, You will need to own a website. And build your store using any of the e-commerce building platforms. Most business owners who do not have basic knowledge of building a website have to hire web developers to build their online store.

The result of this is that businesses that do not have the budget to set up and maintain an online store are left out of the online space. Now with a Facebook shop, such businesses can easily set up their own store for free where they can directly sell to customers. And also expanding their business through the platform.

Businesses who already own an online presence are not left out as they can also benefit from an increase in sales since they will now be able to sell to their audience directly on Facebook. Those customers who prefer not to leave Facebook, Will be able to buy directly from your Facebook shop. and will not need to enter their payment info every time they want to make a payment which can save customers time thereby making it easier to shop online.

How To Start Selling on Facebook

With a Facebook shop, your customers wouldn't have to leave Facebook if they want to make a purchase. They can buy whatever it is you are selling right there on your page.

You can set up your Facebook store in two ways

  1. Linking an e-commerce store to your Facebook shop
  2. Using Facebook platform

Linking an e-commerce store to your Facebook shop

If you already own an online store, then you could just link it to your Facebook shop. You will need a little bit of technical knowledge if you decide to take this route. The difficulty of setting it up will depend on the platform you use.

But apart from the initial stage of setting it up, this method gives you much more control over your store. setting it up will depend on the platform you use.

Using Facebook platform

All you need here is a Facebook page and you can start building your store right away.

How To Create a Shop using Facebook,

  • Create a Facebook Business page, if you don't have one already.

  • Then click on the Add "Shop Section" on Your Facebook Business Page. You will find it on the page cover photo. 

You will need to access Facebook through a computer to find this button. If you can't find it even while on a computer, then it is likely that you are not using the Facebook shopping template for your page.

You will need to change your Facebook Page template to a shopping template before proceeding.

After adding a shop section, a window will appear explaining what this section does.

  • Agree to Merchant Terms And Policies

These terms and policies include useful information that will guide you on what you are allowed and not allowed to sell, return and refund policies, etc. so be sure to read them before proceeding.

If you agree to these terms you can go ahead and click continue.

  • Add Business Details and Payment Processing

After agreeing to the terms and policy, you'd need to add your business email and address. This is the email that will be used to send you a notification about your shop. Including orders, payment, etc.

you will also need to process payment using stripe. Stripe will send you an email on the business email you provided above to create a stripe account. If you already have an account with stripe then you can click on "connect to an existing Stripe account".

after adding your business details and payment processing click submit.

At this point, your call to action button will change to shop now. and will take visitors to your Facebook store whenever they click on the button.

  • Describe what you sell.

you will then need to describe what you sell on your Facebook shop with less than 200 words.

How To Add Products To Your Facebook Shop

To add a product to your store,

  • Click on the shop button on your Facebook page ( you will need to access Facebook from a computer to see this button).
  • Click on "Add Product" to add photos, name, price, number of inventory, and the shipping method.
  • After you are done, you can then click on save.

Your product will then be reviewed by Facebook to ensure that it meets its guidelines and recommendations

Photo Guidelines for your products

Facebook has its own guideline for photos you are allowed to use. They include

  1. Every Product in your shop must have at least one image.
  2. The image must be a real image of the product and not a graphical representation, icon, or illustration of the product.
  3. The image resolution should be at least 1,024 x 1,024 pixels.
  4. Image of the product should not contain text e.g watermarks, advertising material, etc.
  5. The product image should capture the product in real life or have the image on a white backdrop.

Description guidelines and recommendations 

There is also a description guideline you need to follow when including a description for your product on Facebook shop, they include:

  1. The description should be about the product only and bullet points and short sentences should be used where applicable. To make it easy for visitors to understand
  2. Avoid using Phone numbers, HTML, email addresses, all letters capitalized or in lower case, external links, movie spoiler, excessive punctuation and long titles in the description

Product Variety guidelines

There are a few product variety guidelines you must adhere to, in shot, only four varieties are allowed for each product and variation of the product must not be abbreviated or shorten, for example, Use "Small" instead of "S" for size.

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