10 Best Places To Visit In Port Harcourt

The City of Port Harcourt, Rivers State Beckons visitors with pleasant climate, urban sophistication, and natural environment.

A place of dreams, This beautiful city has got it all, from its vibrant culture, beautiful people, beaches, farmlands, Rivers and delicious desert.

For nature lovers, there is almost an endless list of places to explore. Visitors flock the Port Harcourt cultural center and the Rivers State Museum to have a glimpse of the cultural heritage of the people. And for tourists and visitors who wish to have a good time, the Port Harcourt tourist beach, pleasure park and zoo are some of the places you wouldn't want to miss.

If you are planning a visit to "the Garden city" of Nigeria, here is a list of the best places to visit in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Port Harcourt pleasure park is a public recreational park in the Rumuola axis of Aba Road, Port Harcourt. Rivers State.

it is an excellent destination for relaxation and has an all green natural environment. A playground and other outdoor games facilities for the kids. It also has a number of sports facilities including a small soccer field and golf course.

It serves as a popular recreational destination both for tourists and locals. In the park, is a 5 star cinema, and 2 Restaurants (Italian and Lebanese).

The park is managed by Julius Berger Nigeria PLs on the request of the state government and serves as a revenue generation for the state.o

To visit the Port Harcourt pleasure park, you will need to buy a ticket either at the entrance or online.
The park is open 24 hours from Monday to Friday but its facilities are open to the public between 6: 30am - 7:00 pm.
except for the restaurants that opens by 9:00am and closes by 10:00pm

Rivers State Museum

The Rivers State Museum is a popular attraction especially among those who wish to learn about the history and cultural heritage of the people of Rivers state.

The Museum is located at the Secretariat complex of the River State Government. At No. 2 Harley Street, Old GRA Port Harcourt.

It contains two galleries, one showcasing the economic lifestyle of the people. Mostly through the display of historic artifacts like bronze, pottery, bottles, currencies, and household items. Both in object and pictorial form.

The other Gallery showcases the social life of the people native to the state.

There is a permanent exhibition with the theme "Life in the Niger Delta" that showcases some contemporary artworks, customs, lifestyles, and economic aspects of the people.

The museum is open to the public between Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM. There is an entry fee of just N1,000 per person and You also get a tour of the museum.

The antiques in the gallery are mostly indigenous and tells a lot about the cultural heritage of the people of Rivers state.

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

The Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is located along the kolabi creek, east of the old township district. It was constructed in 1988 by the state government. Its location was carefully chosen with tourists in mind and is the only man-made beach in the city.

The white sand, clear water and cool breeze will give you a calming and peaceful feeling. You can decide to go on a horse ride, play soccer or volleyball at the beach. There is also a separate area for relaxation in case you just had a hectic day and are looking to relax.

Whole Families, couples, and singles often come to the beach to enjoy themselves. It is mostly bursting with activities during public celebrations and holidays.

It has a museum within its premises with a tour guide ready to take you around, as well as a bar and eatery that serves different kinds of plates of seafood.

Isaac Boro Garden Park

Isaac Boro Park is a public park located along Old GRA Rivers State Port Harcourt. It is a popular avenue for memorable events. It was named after the pioneer right activist Isaac Boro who fought against the Oil and Gas exploration from the Niger Delta region.

The park is a large green garden with benches and canopies of trees you can relax under to help shade the rays of the sun.

It is a great place to spend time with friends and family. A few status of military soldiers, and their weapons are some of the objects you will find there.

From the park, you can have a view of the popular mile 1 flyover and residents of the states as they go about their businesses.

Mile One Market

Mile one market is the biggest and most popular open market in the state. it is located in the Diobu area of the city. The market stretches from the Mile one police station to the popular flyover opposite the Isaac boro park. If you want to have a feel of the Port Harcourt experience, then you should go shopping at the Port Harcourt mile one market

While there is now a brick market recently built by the state government, the majority of the sellers use umbrellas and makeshift structures for selling.

You will almost always find what you are looking for there. I can not think of an item that isn't sold there. You will find glossaries, electronics, clothes, shoes, jewelry etc.
sellers in the market will always try to increase the price of items in the market. This perfectly normal and is part of the Mile one Market experience. So ensure you bargain to make sure you are getting a fair price.

Port Harcourt Zoo

If you love animals, then the port Harcourt zoo is a must to visit. Rank among the main tourist attractions in the state. it is situated at trans Amadi within Obia Akpor Local Government Area. The zoo is home to different wild animals including reptiles, big cats, birds, monkeys, etc.

The zoo is most active during public holidays when parents take their kids to see some of the animals.

There is an eatery and a bar within the zoo for visitors. You will also find a museum were two lions and a few other smaller animals were electrocuted and perfectly preserved.

A really popular story Port Harcourt is that the lion is said to have eaten the zoo attendant when he forgot to lock the lions den after feeding it.

You'd need to buy a ticket at the gate to gain entrance to the zoo

Rivers state cultural center

The Rivers state cultural center depicts the rich cultural diversity of the state. It helps promotes art culture and tourism. It is located at Bonny street, Rivers State.

If you would want to learn about the cultures of the different tribes in the state. Then this is the best place to visit.

At the Rivers state cultural center are cultural artifacts, African figurines, and pottery. There is also a theatre where cultural plays and dances are commonly held.

Visitors will need to buy tickets to gain entrance into the center.

Port Harcourt Golf Club

The port Harcourt golf club is open to the public all year round, it is located within the old GRA at 31A Airforce Avenue. Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

It is an 18 hole par 70, 5968 yard course

Even if you don't play gulf, there are still other facilities within the premises of the Golf club such as a gym, football pitch, be tennis hall, and swimming pool.

There is also a lounge area, restaurant, bar, etc.

Bonny island

The Bonny Island is a beautiful island located at the southern edge of Rivers state. The island is a tourist magnet because of its natural environment. Crossing the Bonny river from port Harcourt to the bonny island is quite an experience. Ferries are what is most commonly used as transport.

Both locals and tourists often visit the island during festive periods like Christmas and other public celebrations. During this time, popular carnivals like the "anwaotam" are organized.

The island has one of the most thriving traditional systems and vibrant cultural heritage in Nigeria. Some popular destination on the island are
  • Nature Park,
  • Finima Beach
  • Monkey village

Go Ferring on The Bonny River

The bonny River connects Port Harcourt with The Island of Bonny. At its mouth, it is about 25 miles southeast of Port Harcourt and takes about 30 mins to get to the island. Ferries And water taxies move around the River and can be quite an experience for anyone visiting the island.

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